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Agt International Releases Innovative Integrated Security And Safety Solution, Safegrid To The Energy Market

It converts smart data into relevant and actionable insights to solve the problems that we know grid operators face, now and into the future." AGT International's offering is centered on advanced click here. proprietary software that powers cloud-based knowledge solutions, making data from connected sensors accessible, and delivering services that go here now aid complex problem-solving. By collecting, analyzing and identifying the most relevant data, these solutions provide the enhanced visibility to make the world safer for people, governments and businesses. About AGT International Founded in 2007, AGT International is revolutionizing public safety and security by connecting previously unlinked devices and data to make relevant information accessible and actionable for decision makers and citizens. We use deep domain expertise to collect, analyze and identify the most relevant data. Every problem is unique, so are our solutions. We are always pioneering, making the world safer by leading the integration of devices and new information sources and successfully delivering some of the world's largest and most sophisticated security and safety projects. Our solutions provide enhanced visibility to enable people, governments and businesses to predict, visualize and manage complex environments. Our advanced proprietary software powers cloud-based knowledge solutions that make connected sensors and data accessible and deliver services that aid complex problem solving. Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, the organization employs 2,400 people globally.

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