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Mati Kochavi: 21st Century Innovator Of Global Security Solutions

Americans favor legal weed At the time, many security practices were informed and run by military and defense organizations. However, security in the 21st century requires a different approach in order to handle the unique needs of a growing urban population and the increasingly porous nature of national and international borders. Since its inception, AGT International has dedicated itself to providing security solutions to law enforcement and urban security organizations that fit the specific needs of each city and country. Overall, the goal of AGT International is to help local and national governments predict, prepare for, and prevent security problems through unique solutions. Mr. Kochavi states, We have more information at our fingertips today than at any time in history. The challenge is to find one vital note through the cacophony of noise. Only then can we enable governments, corporations and individuals to predict, prepare for, prevent and manage public safety and security challenges. In a " Homeland Security Today " article Mr. Kochavi commented on recent events in the Middle East, When you look at all those events and you ask yourself: How come with all the intelligence that we have over there, all the relationships we have over there, with all the business the world is doing over there, how come we were quickly unable to predict such a dramatic historical change in the region while basically all the information was out there for us? He continued, If you cannot predict events then you cannot manage them properly. Prediction is not only a question of looking, its a question of where to look, where to find information.

AGT International Showcases Safety Solutions for Cities and the Oil and Gas Industry at ISSE

This concept will become the foundation for intelligent, technology based solutions that enable the authorities to predict, manage and resolve threats to human, physical or financial assets. "Safe city solutions bring improved safety and efficiency to a city and increase the well-being of the people who live and work in them and those who visit them, helping to attract and retain businesses and commerce," said Mati Kochavi, Founder and CEO of AGT International. "The growth of the Russian and CIS markets and the increase in the sophistication of threats to citizens and corporations make clear the need to bring the latest, most innovative safety and security solutions to this region. I am delighted that we have the opportunity to showcase this technology at ISSE and in the Skolkovo project." During ISSE, Ilia Rosenberg, Chief Technologist of AGT International's Global Delivery Organization, will speak at the congress on safety in the Russian energy and fuel industry. Highlighting AGT International's oil and gas solution, he will discuss how technology can be used to successfully protect onshore, offshore and coastal assets and infrastructure from a wide-range of internal and external threats. "Traditional, reactive approaches to safety and security in this sector are proving inadequate in the face of increasingly sophisticated threats," Ilia Rosenberg said. "We believe that the way forward is solutions that gather, fuse and analyze data from multiple sources, including integrated sensors, customer databases and the web, in order to help our customers detect, prepare for and manage security breaches and risks; ensure proper handling of liquefied natural gas and hazardous materials; and transport cargo safely across long-distance, cross-country routes. This is exactly what we have done while planning, developing and implementing the largest and most sophisticated oil and gas project in the world, across a diversity of challenging terrain." Notes to editors Safe City Analysts Frost & Sullivan recently highlighted AGT International as leaders in the field in C31, Analytics and Integration and as Services and Systems Integrators and highlighted that the organization has "deployed one of the world's largest and leading edge safe city projects and innovated urban management solutions worldwide." (Frost & Sullivan Global Safe Cities Market Assessment, March 2012). Oil and gas AGT International's biggest oil and gas solution covers more than 30 onshore, coastal and offshore facilities and comprises thousands of sensors, including radars, LR-EO, cameras, access control and hundreds of kilometers of smart fences across a diversity of challenging terrain and environmental conditions. Skolkovo On 1st March 2012, AGT International was awarded the contract, in collaboration with the Russian Telecom Equipment Company (RTEC), to develop several key elements of the Skolkovo project.

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