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Singapore Government Awards Agt International-o'connor's Landmark Safe City Project

Such solutions turn cities to become smarter, safer, friendlier and more efficient." As part of its long term commitment to Singapore, AGT International will open in Singapore a city center of excellence that will include AGTs solutions deployed in 20 cities around the world. The center will focus, among others, on use of mobile, city applications and social media utilizing the science of big data. About AGT International Founded in 2007, AGT International's solutions safeguard people, assets and infrastructure for public safety authorities, governments and corporations around the globe. Our advanced analytics and hierarchical command and control center integrate and identify relevant patterns to alert decision makers to potential threats for any given scenario as it unfolds. Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, the organization employs 2,300 people globally, representing more than 50 nationalities. AGT International is privately held and led by Founder front page and CEO, Mati Kochavi. For more information, please visit http://www.agtinternational.com .

Mati Kochavi: 21st century innovator of global security solutions

What can your business do for the The Detroit Meridian Winter Blast Kochavi has developed many successful businesses, including investing in telecommunications, software development, energy, real estate and public safety. Mati Kochavi founded AGT International in 2007, under the philosophy that current global security strategies and practices weren't effective at combating terrorism and other security threats. At the time, many security practices were informed and run by military and defense organizations. However, security in the 21st century requires a different approach (visit site) Mati Kochavi in order to handle the unique needs of a growing urban population and the increasingly porous nature of national and international borders. Since its inception, AGT International has dedicated itself to providing security solutions to law enforcement and urban security organizations that fit the specific AGT International needs of each city and country.

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