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Agt International Appoints Jens Wegmann As Chief Corporate Development Officer

AGT International Mati Kochavi, Founder and CEO of AGT International, said "I am proud of the progress we made last year, including delivering an unprecedented number of projects and making exciting inroads into new markets. To continue to solve clients' problems better than anyone, AGT International will strive to be even more innovative and agile. Jens' appointment shows our willingness to continue to invest in the best talent and technology to further expand our global footprint." Jens Michael Wegmann, Chief Corporate Development Officer at AGT International, commented "I am delighted to have joined a 'one stop shop' solution company which solves problems read more in the field of security and public safety. New technology, markets and social change provide a range of opportunities and my role is to ensure AGT International addresses the safety and security challenges of the 21st Century to take advantage of them." About AGT International Founded in 2007, AGT International's technology solutions safeguard people, assets and infrastructure for public safety authorities, governments and corporations. Our core intellectual property collects, correlates, analyzes and prioritizes data from available sources to present immediately actionable intelligence that helps our customers better predict, manage and resolve an ever-expanding spectrum of threats to life and livelihood. By proactively delivering the right information to the right decision makers in real time, we enable them to plan and prepare better, and to react faster and more effectively. Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, the organization employs 2,400 people globally. AGT International is privately held and led by Founder and CEO, Mati Kochavi.

AGT International Partners with China to Pilot Flood Early Warning System

"Dike hazards and the limited ability to control floods seriously affect our economic growth and the safety of lives and property. AGT International's solution will enhance our ability to predict the occurrence of breaches, which is the key to preventing costly and dangerous floods. At the same time, the project will build on and increase the collective experience and technologies in flood management on the Yellow River. We are very pleased with the cooperation between YRCC and AGT International and we expect that this project will bring long-term benefits for China's water and urban management capabilities." In addition to piloting cutting-edge flood management technology, the FEWS initiative was established to effectively protect the safety of Chinese citizens and their property while creating new eco-friendly standards. In January 2011 AGT International announced four partnerships with Chinese agencies to improve the nation's urban management and water safety systems, reflecting the company's ongoing commitment to the Chinese market and the active role it continues to play in supporting the historic growth and progress occurring in Chinese cities. These agencies include the Ministry of Water Resources, the International Cooperation Center of the National Development and Reform Commission (ICC-NDRC), the Shijiazhuang Municipal People's Government, and National Academy for Mayors of China (NAMC). About AGT International: One of the fastest-growing public safety and security solutions organizations in the world, AGT International has operations across the globe.

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