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Mati Kochavi: 21st Century Innovator Of Global Security Solutions

Cisco and AGT Form a Smart City Global Strategic Alliance to Transform the Way Cities Are Managed and Secured

Mr. Kochavi states, We have more information at our fingertips today than at any time in history. The challenge is to find one vital note through the cacophony of noise. Only then can we enable governments, corporations and individuals to predict, prepare for, prevent and manage public safety and security challenges. In a " Homeland Security Today " article Mr. Kochavi commented on recent events in the Middle East, When you look at all those events and you ask yourself: How come with all the intelligence that we have over there, all the relationships we have over there, with all the business the world is doing over there, how come we were quickly unable to predict such a dramatic historical change in the region while basically all the information was out there for us? He continued, If you cannot predict events then you cannot manage them properly. Prediction is not only a question of looking, its a question of where to look, where to find information. It is understanding where the voices are and being able to bring those voices in the right way to the right AGT International people. Today, AGT International has more than 2,400 employees representing more than 50 nationalities. It operates on five continents and manages $8 billion in projects worldwide.

Working Smart: The Internet of Things and Connected Offices

Incidents will be managed through software that utilizes a variety of sensors, city data, and visual and social media feeds. The solution will apply analytics to automate and visualize the situation and recommend the appropriate response. Future solutions to be developed and launched will address city and country critical infrastructure, such as airports, railway stations and stadiums. The Cisco and AGT offering will initially be provided on-premise and will evolve to a cloud-based Software as a Service model. These models are customizable and flexible to support a variety of customer needs and budgets. As part of this agreement, AGT has selected Cisco as its cloud provider for its city cloud solutions. To execute these solutions, AGT and Cisco will integrate Cisco VSM video management technology and support Ciscos leading range of cameras with AGTs city platform, creating highly scalable integrated solutions supporting hundreds of thousands of sensors in one system.

Big Bang evidence Surely, there is room for greater connectivity to improve day-to-day functions in the office. Most of us are already using some of the connected devices that are common in the office. There are those Internet connected printers that allow you to print to from pretty much anywhere. And that IP phone the one thattakes full advantage of converged voice and data networks offers a whole visit website range of advanced features, from streaming music to video chatting with coworkers. But we're still missing smart products that could help us streamline office operations. One of the projects AGT and Cisco plan to undertake involves bringing Internet connectivity to all the trash bins in an unnamed city in Asia. Why?

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